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If you're looking for the best DSi XL prices then take a look at the DSi XL price comparison table below to find the best deal on the DSi XL handheld games console.

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DSi XL open

DSi XL Description

The DSi XL is the latest handheld games machine from Nintendo. It is bigger and brighter than its predecessor with 93% larger screen size. We think the DSi XL has been designed in part to cater for the DS's increasingly widening demographic. Over the past few years more and more seniors have been buying Nintendi DSi's. Nintendo's own TV commercials coupled with Brain Training style games have really attracted the senior buyer.

Building a DSi with larger screens and a full size pen style stylus will really benefit those with poor closeup vision. It is no accident that the first two colours for the DSi XL are decidedly retro, Dark Brown and Wine Red.

Younger gamers will also love the bigger screens. Like watching a film on a big screen TV, larger screens make games look better and play better. Anyone that's ever missed one of those little banana skins whilst Playing Mario Kart will know that the original DS and DSi screens where just that little bit too small sometimes. Try playing your old games on the DSi XL and you may find the new console gives these old games a new lease of life. Now it looks like eveyone has a good reason to buy a DSi XL.

Release Date - 05/03/2010


DSi XL closed

  • Larger 4.2 inch screens
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Improved audio with higher quality speakers
  • Two stage hinge
  • Available in Brown and Red
  • Preinstalled games: Dr Kawashimas Little Bit of Brain Training & Dictionary: 6 in 1

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