Wii U Stock Checker

Possible Wii U stock shortages on the horizon

Wii U Stock Checker

Wii U console sales are booming in North America, with stock shortages hitting preorders already. Of course, Nintendo will do all they can to produce consoles for the Xmas period, but as before with the original Wii console, Wii U stock shortages are inevitable.

The initial allocation of Wii U consoles for large retailers such as GameStop and Amazon.com has been sold out and they have stopped taking Wii U preorders. In fact GameStop have reported that they have a stock waiting list in excess of 250,000 people.

Nintendo are hoping to sell over 5 million Wii U consoles. Unlike the enormously profitable Wii console, the Wii U console is being sold at a loss. This strategy is the norm for games consoles, with the manufacturer relying on software licensing to earn their revenue.

This site will once again be running a Wii U stock checker.