Wii U Price, Amazon says £199.99

According to Amazon.co.uk, the Wii U will be priced at £199.99


Wii U Price Amazon.co.uk dropped a strong hint at the price of a Wii U console last week.

According to Amazon, the Wii U will cost £199.99 and they went as far as providing a release date, 14/07/12. They have since removed both the price and the release date from their website.

The price of £199.99 does look likely. In fact if they did take any Wii U preorders at that price, then as stipulated in their own preorder policy, customers would pay no more than £199.99 even if the final release price was £279.99, as estimated by another games retailer Shopto. The previous Wii console was priced at £179.99, so £199.99 for a more advanced machine seems like a good deal to us at least, in these days of austerity.

As for the release date of July 14th 2012, we think that very unlikely. In the past Nintendo have done most of their major hardware releases just before Xmas and handhelds in the spring. The Wii U console is sure to be a Xmas release.

Update: We've heard that Amazon are canceling customer pre-orders. We're still hopeful on that price though.