Wii Mini confirmed for December

Nintendo launch a smaller, cheaper version of its Wii console, but in Canada only. No plans to launch in the UK


Wii Mini launched December 2012 Nintendo once again shows us they have plenty more surprises in store, as they launch a new mini console this Xmas. Hot on the heels of the Wii U comes the Wii Mini.

The Wii Mini is a refresh of the 6 year old (yes 6 years old!) Wii games console. The new console is finished in textured matte black with a red tapered edge and a top loading DVD drive.

What they've removed

The first thing you will notice is that the front loading DVD drive has been removed. The new top loading drive is much like what Sony did to save on build costs with the latest PS3. As a result the new console is configured as a side mounting console just like the last revision of the Wii console.

Internet connectivity has also been removed, giving another noticeable cost saving. Although the Wii Mini will work with nearly all Wii games, because of the lack of network connectivity, online game functions are disabled.

The revamped console is not compatible with the GameCube discs. No big deal this one. GameCube controller ports and memory slots have gone, but support for Gamecube was actually removed with the 2nd revision of the Wii console.

Perhaps the most remarkable omission is the lack of 480P video output. The old Wii console delivered a 480P video signal via its component cable. The Wii U Mini has no component cable slot and all video is delivered on a composite connection. Picturewise this puts the new console firmly back in the Stone Age. You have to wonder what countries they're going to aim this thing at, 3rd world perhaps?


  • Front loading DVD replaced with top loader
  • No Internet/network connectivity
  • Composite video out only - no 480P
Wii Mini $100

What's included with the Wii Mini

  • Wii Sensor bar
  • Red Wii Motionplus controller
  • Red Wii Nunchuck

The Wii-Mini is launching in Canada on the 7th December 2012 and is priced at $100 Canadian, which is approximately 100 USD. No UK launch is planned. If they do launch the mini in the UK, keep an eye on this site for Wii Mini preorders and prices.

Textured matte case