Gold Nintendo Wii Console costs a cool £300,000

Andrew MacGregor

The most expensive Wii yet, take a look at the £300,000 Gold Wii console


Gold Wii Console - The Golden Wii Stuart Hughes has been at it again, hot on the heels of his gold and diamond studded £1.92m iPhone, Hughes has given the Wii console a similar makeover. Dubbed the Nintendo Wii Supreme, the console contains 2.5Kg of 22 Carat gold. There are also 78 diamonds, totaling 9.5 Carats adorning the front buttons.

The world's most expensive games console doesn't come cheap. Priced at a cool £300,000, the 'Golden Wii' (phnarr) seems a bit pricey, more so when you consider we're in the midst of one of the biggest economic downturns in history. Hughes has produced just 3 of these blinged up consoles, but we don't think there's any need to add them to our Wii stock tracker just yet.

If you decide to take the plunge and splash out on one of these beauties you'll have to settle for the standard non-gold controllers. Playing 2 up on Wii Sports with Gold plated Wii remotes could be a bit dangerous to say the least!
For the very rich/stupid, you can buy the console here