Advertising watchdog bans Wii U TV advert

Andrew MacGregor

Advertising Standards Agency bans misleading Nintendo Wii U TV ad after a single complaint


Nintendo made a big thing about the Wii U being able to switch gameplay from a TV to the Wii U GamePad. However, it seems that this function, rather than being universal, is limited to a select few games. It is not something that is enabled by default, rather it's something that games developers have to program into the game.

UK Advertising watchdog, the ASA received a single complaint about the TV advert and have now banned it because it implies that this is a universal function available to all games. The ad stated '...and say someone wants to watch TV when you're halfway through a game... do both and everyone's happy'.

In their defence, Nintendo argued that the advert showed many features of the Wii U, not all of them universal and that consumers would understand that these features would vary from game to game.

The ASA disagreed, as this was a new console consumers would not be aware that the ability to switch gameplay to the GamePad was not available in all games. The ad implied that this was a general feature of the Wii U console and concluded that the ad was misleading.

The full Adjudication notice can be seen here -