Overpriced Wii U Controllers and Accessories

A full set of Wii U controllers will cost you almost £60!


Wii U Remote Plus Black - click for larger pictureRetailers have started to publish prices for the new Wii U controllers and accessories on their websites. The old Wii controllers were not cheap, especially if you needed enough remotes to play those 4 player party games. The original Wii Remote Plus is £20 and nunchuck £6, so assuming you only need 3 more sets, a full set of controllers would cost you £78. That's not good when you consider a Wii console itself is not much more than £100 these days. However, compared to the Wii U controllers that looks almost thrifty.

None of the Wii U bundles come with a Wii U Remote or a Wii U nunchuck (see the Wii U hardware table for details on that), the basic pack doesn't even include a Wii sensor bar. So if there are any 4 player games coming for the Wii U, you'll have to buy 4 sets of controllers. The Wii U Remote Plus is priced at £39.99 and the Wii U nunchuck £14.99. So 4 lots of controllers will set you back almost £220. That's almost the price of a Wii U console! Throw in a Wii U Pro Controller and you're looking at nigh on £260 for a full set of controllers.

You'd better hope that nobody drops that shiny new Wii U GamePad, as you can be sure that Nintendo will require an extortionate amount of money to replace that one.

  Original Wii Price Wii U Price Increase
Wii Remote Plus / Wii U Remote Plus £19.99 £39.99 200%
Wii Nunchuck / Wii U Nunchuck £6.99 £14.99 114%
Wii Classic controller Black / Wii U Pro controller £4.99 £39.99 700%
Wii separates / Wii U Remote Plus Starter Pack £31.97 £59.99 87%
Wii USB Mic (We Sing) / Wii U Microphone £14.99 TBC  

All prices correct at time of publishing. See the GAME and Amazon website for current prices