Red Nintendo Wii

Red Wii console marks Nintendo's 25th Anniversary


Red Wii consoleTo mark the 25th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo have released a red Nintendo Wii Console. Launched in the UK on the 29th Oct, the red Wii comes with a copy of the New Super Mario Bros and a preloaded copy of the original Donkey Kong, Mario's debut game.

The bundled remote is also in red and for the first time features Wii remote plus technology. Wii remote plus is the latest version of the Wii remote and feautures an integrated Wii MotionPlus attachment.

Package Contents:

  • Red Wii Console
  • Game 1 - New Super Mario Bros
  • Game 2 - Preloaded copy of the original Donkey Kong
  • Red Wii Remote Plus & Nunchuk
Red Wii remote plus

Red DSi XL

Nintendo have also released a new version of the red DSi XL with Mario branding. The new red DSi XL also comes with New Super Mario Bros.

Red Nintendo Wii UK stock availability

It is not known if the Red Nintendo Wii Console will truly be a limited edition console. The Black Wii console was initially labelled as a limited edition console, but, due to demand, Nintendo went on to manufacturer this console on a permanent basis.