Pink Wii Remote Plus

Andrew MacGregor

Nintendo's funky new pink controller


pink wii remote plusYou could be forgiven for thinking that the Pink Wii remote was a third party device, or maybe just a cheap silicon skin, but this Wii remote is from Nintendo!

Nintendo released a Red Wii remoteplus with the Red Wii console, but there is no Pink Wii console, so why are they releasing this girly Pink Wii RemotePlus? We think they're attempting to cash in on some of the success they've had with their Pink DS handheld. They may not have a pink Wii to offer people, but some girls (and boys) will be happy this Xmas with this girly addition to their Wii console.

Wii RemotePlus, what is it?

The Wii remote plus is simply a Wii remote with an integarted Wii MotionPlus attachment. With the Wii remote plus there is no need to clip a device on the bottom of the remote, increasing its length. Wii remoteplus has this feature built in and still retains the length of the original Wii remote.

You can buy a Pink Wii Remote Plus for the same price of a normal Wii Remote Plus controller at Amazon.