Nintendo DSi vs DS Lite

The key differences between these two handheld consoles

Nintendo DSi vs DS Lite widths. DS Lite shown in red

In the table below we've compared the technical and physical features of the Nintendo DSi vs DS Lite. Although the DSi is superior in many respects, the DS Lite is better in at least one category, which is battery life. It appears that the smaller screen and the less powerfull processor in the DS Lite takes far less juice from the battery.

Nintendo plan on selling these two consoles side by side for the forseable future, they said they'd let the market decide when the time was right to discontinue the DS Lite. The upshot is, if people keeping buying the cheaper DS Lite they'll carry on selling it alongside the more expensive DSi.

Key changes: Screen size and case thickness

Feature Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite
Display: 82.5mm / 3.25 inches 76.2mm / 3 inches
Physical size: 74.9 x 137 x 18.9
(Width, Length, Thickness in mm)

73.9 x 133 x 21.5
(Width, Length, Thickness in mm)

Weight: 214g 218g
Charge time: 2.5 hours approx 3 hours approx
Battery life:

9-14 hrs at lowest screen brightness
3 - 4 hrs at highest screen brightness

15-19 hrs at lowest screen brightness
5 - 8hrs at highest screen brightness
compatibility: Plays DS games and new DSi games
(Does not play GBA games)
Plays GBA games and DS games
I/O Slots & Ports: DS card slot, SD memory card slot, stereo headphone & mic jack DS card slot, GBA cartridge slot, stereo headphone & mic jack