Wii tips

Things to do with your Wii. Wii friendly websites, audio and video streaming.


Are you wondering what else you can do with your Nintendo Wii console besides playing games? Thanks to the Wii Firefox web browser your Wii console can connect to the Internet to view streaming video and it can even be used to play flash games. The Wii browser was a free download that you could download from the Wii shopping channel. Today it will cost you 500 Wii points (Less than 4 UK pounds) which is a bargain really when you see what it can do. It's worth downloading this browser onto your PC first to see what it can do. You can on this link.

Wii Audio and Video Sites:

Although the Wii can easily be used to view youTube videos, there are some dedicated sites that cater for the constraints of the Wii browser. There are also a number of audio sites springing up now.

  1. Finetune for Wii - superb streaming radio and audio site tuned for the Wii
  2. Wiihear.com - another great streaming radio site
  3. WiiTube - youTube videos for the Wii
  4. SofaTube - another youTube site
  5. StumbleVideo - like Stumbleupon, but for Video

Wii Flash Games:

The flash enabled Firefox browser opens up a whole new world of games for the Wii console. Here are a couple of sites where you can play flash games on your Wii.

  1. WiiCade - a great Wii games site, packed full of games
  2. WiiPlayable - flash games, sorted by category
  3. Wiislowdown - Videos and Games
  4. Albino BlackSheep Wii games - Wii compatible flash games

Other Wii links

  1. miiboard - Wii portal where you chat with other Wii users and swap codes
  2. MyWiiWeb (shut down) - another Wii portal. Nice clean simple layout, reminiscent of the Wii Consoles own interface