Nintendo Wii Ordering tips

Tip#1: The early bird catches the worm


Tip#1: The early bird catches the worm

Some merchants are releasing stock in small batches, mainly because this helps ease the strain on their web sites. When they do this a few of these stock releases start at 8am when most people are either just getting out of bed or on their way to work. If this happens, the odds of securing an order first thing in the morning are far better than at any other time of day.

Tip#2: Go through the checkout process beforehand

If you've identified some merchants who are likely to get stock it's worthwhile running through their checkout process beforehand. This way there'll be no nasty surprises when you do this for real. It can be really annoying when they ask you for a piece of information you don't have to hand.

Wii in the bag?

Tip#3: Pre register on merchant sites

Wii stock is going so fast these days, if you're lucky enough to spot a few consoles in stock, by the time you've got to the checkout that Wii console could already be sold, to someone else. Some web sites require you to setup an account before you can place an order. This can be time consuming and if you try to do this just before placing an order you could easily miss out on your purchase. The best thing to do with these sites is to create an account beforehand as you can create these accounts for free. Make sure you remember your user name and password, the last thing you want to be doing when Wii stock comes in, is to be trying to find your account details.
Register beforehand to save yourself time

Tip#4: Get some help from a toolbar (Our top tip!)

If you don't like the idea of storing your credit card details on a merchant's website you can install the Google Toolbar and use the autofill feature to hold your name, address and debit/credit card details. All of your details are held in an encrypted file on your own PC. When you get to the checkout screen the Google Toolbar can fill these fields in less than a second. This is a free utility that is part of the Google pack, a group of free software packages from Google. We highly recommend that you use it! (Remember to choose UK in the dropdown list at the top of the page)

Google Toolbar