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Previously on Nintendo Week, Are you using that, dark Gary, dark Gary, I think you need to leave bro, see you next time bros. What you doing in the dark Gary, Getting rad on this snow board with wheels game, Owww cool Wii fit plus is finally here, Wii fit Plus, Yeah! You people are sick, video games shouldn't burn calories What do you mean, you people I have something to tell you Alison, I'm Dark Gary! And Dark Gary doesn't do exorcise What did you do with Gary Humhm he's gone, to get my dry cleaning. I'm outta here, sup bro What am I supposed to do with all these lightly starched hoodies Hey everyone I'm Gary I'm Alison And you're watching Nintendo Week We've got a jam packed show for you today, First we'll take a look at Wii fit plus and well get a lesson in evolution from the producer of the all new Spore Hero Well also talk to one of the guys behind Star Wars: The clone wars republic heroes and get the scoop on what's happening in a gaming galaxy far far away. That's almost too much heroism for one show There can never be too much heroism I'm glad your back Thanks, bro, hehe just kidding.

Wii Fit Plus

The new Wii fit plus just came out yesterday, it's the new enhanced version of the original Wii fit but its loaded with new activities and features. There are 3 new Yoga poses, 3 new strength activities and 15 new training plus games, what I love about these is they turn exercising into a game Let's start with perfect 10, are you're ready for some hip shaking action Sure am how are your math skills Gary Hehe well see, Perfect 10 Seven, three, five, five, now its hard to look good in a chicken suit Ahh no come on you look great in a chicken suit Yeh Gogogogo Ok lets go, lets go, Come on chicken man Oh nice, owwwww, gogogo Stop stop Living on the edge, owww Now if you've been working out on the original Wii fit, Wii fit plus can import save files so you don't have to worry about losing your workout history.

Personalized training regime

You can also create a personalized training regime based upon the exercises you like to do or the areas of your body that you want to target. Check it out, so I'm gonna go into my Wii Fit plus and create my routine. I like to start with a little Yoga and lets go to strength training, go back to a little bit of Yoga, I'm gonna add a lunge, and were gonna add the balance bridge this is a new one it looks really hard. Lets end with Yoga and the sun salutation.

So that is my workout. I'm gonna let Wii Fit plus pick a routine for me, and see what we got. Ok what about form focus on hips, arms and figure. Are you happy with your figure Gary. Yeah! No honestly ah him not judging you I actually think Jim gonna go back up to lifestyle and here they already have some activities planned for me. Strength training with some torso twists, Yoga with Palm Tree and big top juggling. That sounds like fun, that's gonna be my work out Wow think I got my workout in for the day, lets see how many calories Gary burned.