Professor Leightons series of games

We take a look at the professor leightons series of games

Professor Layton and Pandoras box

Professor Layton and Pandora's box is the second game in the Professor Layton's series of DS puzzle games. This game was released in Japan as Professor Layton and the Devils box, but for the UK this has changed to Professor Layton and Pandora's box.

During a keynote speach in San Francisco from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, Level 5 studio head Akihiro Hino revealed the new title outside Japan as Professor Layton and the diabolical box or Professor Layton and Pandora's box.

Professor Layton history

In the UK, the only Laytons game we have seen so far is Curious Village, in Japan they have also had The Devil's Box (Diabolical box / Pandora's box) and The Final Time Journey. There are rumours of a new Professor Layton game in Japan called Professor Layton and the God's Flute. This is reported to be a prequel to the current series, set 3 years before Curious Village, in this installment we will get to see how Professor Layton met his young apprentice Luke. The new game will herald the start of a brand new trilogy of games.

Professor Layton trilogies:

Trilogy 1: Curious Village, Pandora's Box, The Unwound Future

Trilogy 2: The Last Spector, The Eternal Diva, Miracle Mask

Professor Laytons alternative - Mystery case files: MillionHeir

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir Buy Mystery Case Files: MillionHeirMystery Case Files: MillionHeir stock

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir is the latest seek and solve puzzle game in the Mystery Case Files series. Suitable for for casual gamers and fans of the Mystery Case Files series. The game is a detective story that centers around the search for the heir to a million dollar fortune.

- Investigate a whole range of sneaky characters to gather evidence
- Solve puzzles that use both the DS touch screen and the DS microphone
- First time multiplayer mode has been available for a Mystery Case Files game

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