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Andrew MacGregor

Bowser, Mario, Luigi and more



Hey Gary, Hey Alison, What are you doing, im just making some animation with my flip note studio application, ahh me too, lets see what you got there. Ok get ready to have your mind blown. Wow, pretty cool right, yes, awesome, lets see yours, ooo you know what it, aw come on I'm sure its not that bad. That’s uhh pretty good, Yes.

Hey there welcome to the first ever episode of Nintendo Week, your weekly guide for what's happening in the world of Nintendo. I'm Gary and I'm Alison, here's what we've got for you today.

First up you’ve probably noticed that the Nintendo channel has got a new look, it also has a lot of new features. Were gonna give you a guided tour. Then well take you somewhere I've never thought about visiting Greenland. No, Inside Bowser, literally as we play the new game Mario and Luigi inside Bowser story. Then were gonna rock out with the guys behind the Wii version of Guitar hero 5 and Gary will show of more of his flipnote skills. Im working on it. We'll also check out the 2 new DSi colours and we'll see what else is happening on the new Nintendo channel.

Lots to do
Lots to see
Sooo lets get to it.

New Nintendo Channel

Today is the first day of the all new Nintendo Channel, lets take a quick look at the new features. You can now watch videos in high quality with an even clearer picture than before. Along the bottom of the screen there is a navigation bar, which is how you access all of Nintendo channels features. You’ve always been able to see what other Nintendo channels users think about games, but now you’ll see that top scorers in each category organised into 4 groups platinum, gold, silver and bronze. In order to give your feedback on a game you’ll need to play it first for at least an hour. For the first time you'll now be able to rate DS games, and as always you can wirelessly download free game demos from your Wii console to your DS system, and that is a quick look at the new Nintendo channel.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story (DS)

Ok all you Mario fans out there today is a big day, it’s the release of Mario and Luigi: Bowser's inside story for the Nintendo DS system. The game means exactly what it says the gameplay happens inside Bowser.
Baffle who you may remember from Mario and Luigi partners in time tricks Bowser into eating a vacuum mushroom
Which makes him inhale Mario and Luigi and Princess Peach. Don’t you hate it when that happens. Absolutely.

The battles are mostly turn based but with lots of action to you really have to time your moves just right.
And here's the coolest part, throughout the game you go back and forth between controlling Mario and Luigi and controlling Bowser.

Bowser has his own quests which includes puzzle solving, obstacles and paddles, but when the going gets tough for Bowser you use Mario and Luigi inside his body and do things to help him out, like when Bowser has to move an entire island Mario and Luigi boost his strength by zapping his muscle fibres with bolts of electricity. Its like a tag team match but with some pretty unlikely allies. I've been playing Mario games since Super Mario Bros on the NES and this game takes it to a place where no Mario game has taken it before. Most definitely.