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If you're looking for 3DS Deals, this site compares hundreds of 3DS deals from top UK retailers. We provide live prices and stock updates to bring you the best prices on Nintendo 3DS consoles and bundles.

The Nintendo 3DS comes a number of different colours. The 3DS is the worlds first 3D handheld console and the first mainstream 3D device that does not require cumbersome 3D glasses.

  • Worlds Most powerful dedicated handheld games console
  • 3D screen requires no glasses
  • Dozens of 3DS games now available
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3DS Price drop

The Nintendo 3DS handheld games console was released in March 2011. At launch the 3DS was priced at £229.99 in the UK making the most expensive games machine at that time. The 3DS was more expensive than the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3. It was no surprise then that sales were quite slow to start with.

Less than 6 months later Nintendo saw sense and reduced the price of the 3DS. Nintendo knocked a massive £60 off the RRP, bringing the 3DS price down to ££169.99. The 3DS price drop was unprecedented move for a Nintendo handheld. All of the previous DS models had held their price firm until the release of the new model.

Things had changed though, 5 years ago the Apple App Store and 99p games were not so prolific. Nintendo had to do something. At £169.99 the 3DS still wasn't what you'd call cheap. It was still more expensive than the Nintendo Wii console and the Xbox 360. However, Nintendo are not a company that like to make a loss on their hardware, unlike Sony and Microsoft. This new price point was probably the lowest they could go. This tells you something about the cost of the technology they put into the 3DS, excellence doesn't come cheap.

3DS Key Features

Apart from the addition of a 3D screen, the new 3DS boasts a number of other improvements over the old DS Lite and DSi.

  • 3D stereoscopic screen
  • Dual rear cameras for taking 3D pictures
  • More processing power than a Wii console
  • More preloaded applications
  • No increase in size over the old DSi